The Best Laid Plans…

Healing Haven Acupuncture Clinic has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, and I had only been able to give it part-time attention, while also being employed.  But I am so glad to have found myself getting steadily busier throughout all of the month of 2018, 2019 and up until the beginning of March 2020…

So, back in November, I had marked March 2020 as the time to re-commit myself to running the Healing Haven Acupuncture Clinic full time, all the time, and do nothing else.  As planned I worked my last day in regular employment on the 23rd of March.

However, in the context of COVID 19 being officially recognised as a global pandemic and a national emergency, and therefore not as planned, I have temporarily closed the clinic instead of launching it on to greater things.  Acupuncture comes under the heading of non-essential personal healthcare, and I will not put anyone at risk of contracting an infection here.   Fortunately everyone around here understands this, and is doing their best to weather the crisis in their own place and in their own way.

I worked my last day in the clinic on 14th of March, after which I closed it, and will keep it closed until we see the crisis pass.

So what I intend to do over the next few weeks is use this space to post information which might be useful, to communicate with everyone locally who may have an interest in trying acupuncture in the future, and keep you posted with future plans…

Feel free to leave a comment, I will be interested in hearing how other people are getting on with their “crisis weathering” activities.  Just remember I DO have a comment moderation in place, mainly to prevent spam from showing up in comment threads.  Once I’ve seen any genuine comments, I will approve and post them.

Take care, everyone, and stay safe!  I raise a glass to your ongoing health and well-being.


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