Covid-19 Arrangements at this Clinic

Limitations:  I will be unable to treat anyone FOR a cold or a flu, or treat anyone WITH a cold or a flu for anything else, until all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, pending the end of the pandemic.  Please be aware that I may ask you for information in this regard when taking appointments. I will also have to keep a contact tracing log of all patients.  Until this requirement is lifted, please be advised that a condition of booking an appointment is your consent for your contact details (but not your medical details) to be released should an official request for contact tracing be received by this clinic.

Precautions:  Please turn up at your appointment time and wait in your car until I meet you and bring you inside. Handwashing and sanitising stations will be provided for your use as you arrive and depart.  As practitioner, I will be wearing a mask during any work that requires close contact between us – pulse taking, physical examination and treatment.   You may also wear a mask, or not, as you feel most comfortable and safe, however, for you it is optional, as I will be disinfecting all contact surfaces between every patient, and keeping the clinic as a whole well cleaned and systematically disinfected.