Healing Haven is Still Here

Hello, all.  It has been a long while since I’ve posted here, but Healing Haven Acupuncture Clinic is now entering its 15th year.  14 years ago, in January 2005, I had just returned from a trip with my family that included a clinical experience month in Nanjing, and I launched straight into opening and advertising the clinic.

And the word spread and more people came to me, growing the practice year on year, until, around 2010, when people around here were feeling a considerable pinch in their pockets.  In 2012 I knew I had to go back to the world of “proper” work (employment), so as to meet and pay my own bills, and I was fortunate to find a proper job that was also part-time so that I could continue treating people as I had been, during my spare time.

So I have ended up having both a job, and a vocation. My job keeps the wolf from the door. My vocation keeps me available to treat anyone drawn to consult with me, to the best of my training, skill and ability, within my profession as a TCM-trained acupuncturist.  It has been said – “find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”.   And I have found that this is true.  When I am in the clinic, it never feels like “work”.

So, I am here, the practice is alive and well, and I am fortunate in that there has never been a week in which someone was not drawn to get in touch and offer me the opportunity to practice. Local word of mouth has always proven to be the most reliable way of spreading the word.

But I am re-opening this blog (which has had no attention from me for 6 years), and will post here from time to time, bringing to it things I’ve learned, things I’m learning, and news and health tips that may be of interest.  Chat to yez!


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