About Ladybits: Post-pill Amenorrhea

Several women experiencing post-pill amenorrhea have presented in this clinic in the past few months.   Generally, it is considered to be amenorrhea if no natural menstrual cycle has occurred within six months of stopping the contraceptive pill.  The medical literature considers this to be a small but significant risk, with an incidence of around 1% or so, however, when it does happen, Continue reading

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Social Health Indicators: Unemployment

In the clinic, I see people with health problems that are experienced at an individual level, and of course, we often discuss lifestyle changes that hopefully lie within the ability of the individual to change, in order to help them reduce their impairment and regain their health.

In this post, though, I want to address some of the issues that can affect our health collectively, as a society.  Many things Continue reading

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Welcome to Healing Haven Acupuncture Clinic, Killybegs

Welcome.  It’s just time for a new website, one that can be easily updated on a regular basis.  I’m going to try a blog format to see if this will help me keep the site fresh and informative.  Please feel free use the comment facility to ask questions about Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or on general health.

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