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Social Health Indicators: Bullying

Bullying is a serious hazard to physical and mental health and should never be ignored.

Bullying can cause psychiatric injury (which should be carefully distinguished from endogenous mental illness), with a risk of depression and suicide (which some have started to call “bullycide”). The risk arises from the nature of bullying in which trauma to a person’s mental and physical well-being is repetitive and persistent, leading to symptoms typical of complex post-traumatic stress disorder.¬† Bullying can be hard for teachers and workplace managers to detect, because¬† Continue reading

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Social Health Indicators: Unemployment

In the clinic, I see people with health problems that are experienced at an individual level, and of course, we often discuss lifestyle changes that hopefully lie within the ability of the individual to change, in order to help them reduce their impairment and regain their health.

In this post, though, I want to address some of the issues that can affect our health collectively, as a society.  Many things Continue reading

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